Solving the 'Positive Parenting Puzzle' is ideal for you if:

  • You’re the parent of a child aged 0-5
  • ​You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and guilty that you aren’t enjoying parenting like you wanted to
  • ​You were committed to parenting differently, but find yourself stuck not knowing what else to do.
  • ​You know there must be another way to get your kids to listen the first time without yelling but just haven’t found it yet.  
  • ​You're interested in changing generational cycles of parenting and want to do differently but aren't sure where to start.
  • ​You feel like you've tried it all but still aren't seeing lasting change. You're looking for more support and guidance with discipline.

The Wiring Years

90% of brain development occurs in the first five years.

This is when the relationship templates are programmed for the rest of your small human's life.

Wired Through Experience

Their brain is not like an empty page waiting to be written on. It's not a sponge waiting to soak up new information. 

A new human's brain is like Play Dough, waiting to be molded through experiences. Taking on extraordinary changes in the first five years. The experiences of these early years shape their emotional and social development providing foundations for further brain development later in life.

Flick the frustration of early years parenting & start seeing better behaviour whilst actively molding a positive relationship with your small human using the 'Positive Parenting Puzzle'. 

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